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Domestic: Fidelity & Divorce: The Affinity Investigative Group is able to contain your investigative costs by working with you to determine the best times to obtain results. We search for hidden assets to ensure our clients are represented fairly.  

Relationship Investigations:
The Affinity Investigative Group will assist you in verifying that your “Significant Other,” who he or she claims be in substance and character.  

A service responsive to a variety of needs. Affinity conducts surveillance’s using proven methods that maximize results, and contain costs. State of the art color digital video cameras are utilized at no extra cost.  

Household Staff:
We conduct comprehensive background investigations on your Household Staff. We ensure that they are who they purport themselves to be. We also install covert video cameras for an added protection and peace of mind.

Litigations: The process includes developing complete backgrounds and/or profiles of corporations involved in specific litigated matters, including information on the principals and officers of the corporation.  

For self-insured’s, investigations may include professional liability, product liability and worker’s compensation claims. Designed to verify the validity of claims and to determine possible mitigating factors that will reduce or minimize costs.   

Internal Intelligence Investigations: The positioning of undercover investigators into strategic areas of a company to develop information, which will assist in identifying and reporting, matters of internal theft, sexual harassment or other improprieties.  

Prevention: Loss prevention programs are designed by Affinity to reduce the client’s vulnerability to internal and external crimes.  

Risk Management:
These programs provide measures to secure and protect information, materials, products, equipment and other valuable assets. Loss prevention programs can be implemented to monitor shipping and receiving operations, control cash, screen personnel, uncover improprieties by employees and reduce losses through thefts or improper practices.

Asset check:
The process includes a visit to the debtor to inspect Corporate properties, stock and other assets on site. Interviews are conducted with principals, employees and neighboring businesses.

Process Service: Corporate Officers and Business owners are located and served with legal documents. Appropriate Affidavit of service are prepared and filed with Court of jurisdiction.   

Internal Intelligence Investigations:
The positioning of undercover investigators into strategic areas of a company to develop information, which will assist in identifying and locating assets.  

Judgment Execution:
The process involves filing legal documents with appropriate Court and Sheriff. Property can be seized and turned over to Plaintiffs.  

Skip and Trace:
The process involves checking vast databases, Tax Assessors offices, Law Enforcement Agencies and many other investigative avenues.

Investigation: Investigations of accidents which include, but are not limited to automobile medical malpractice, product liability, airplane, explosion, fire, gunshots, falling objects, motorcycle accidents and slip and fall.  

Personal Injury:
Investigations of personal injury, loss of earnings, personality changes, physical losses and other losses.  

Corporate Litigation:
The process includes developing complete background or profile on all corporations involved in a specific litigated matter, as well as a complete background on all principals or officers associated with the corporation. The scope of the investigation is to be determined by the corporate counsel.  

Corporate Due Diligence: The investigation provides an in-depth look at financial, business and personal reputations of the corporation, corporate officers, or people who have a significant influence on the corporation. This investigation performed in conjunction with acquisitions, mergers, SEC matters or other financial matters.    

Criminal Investigation: 
Investigations for potential witnesses to test reliability of witnesses, examine history of persons involved, attempt to determine strength of prosecution evidence, validity of search warrants and other information.  

Worker’s Compensation:
The process includes the development of a complete back-ground profile as stated above, and will include investigations of the circumstances surrounding the accident, along with the Claimant’s previous work and claim history.

Locates: Finding missing persons, witnesses or other location requirements.        

Limited Pointed:
Specific requests limiting the scope of the investigation to certain points of interest i.e. interviewing and obtaining specific records information, or taking photographs of the site of an accident.    

Interviews documented through written, audio and/or video stenographic recording of statements for legal or other proceedings.  

Legal Testimony:
Investigators of Affinity Investigative Group are available to provide expert testimony in proceedings to support developed or documented findings. 

Contestable Death Claims: Involves investigations designed to develop information relative to the insurability of the deceased at the time of the effective date of coverage. Areas of investigation would include medical, financial, occupational habits and other outside interests.        

Disability Claims:
Designed to develop information on the present activities, recovery and progress of the Claimant’s condition.  

Celebrity & VIP Protection:
The Affinity Investigative Group can provide trained individuals, or teams of security specialists who have extensive backgrounds and hands on experience in the personal protection of Celebrities, VIP’s and other individuals who maintain a visible presence. We recognize that in many situations it is a necessary part of a celebrity’s personal life to be visible to their fans. We also recognize the differences between visible and accessible. Our Personal Protection Specialists provide a threat assessment, which is developed along with our client. We know that good security is a by-product of  good intelligence and planning. We review individual lifestyles, visibility and previous or current threats. We then work with our client to design a program, which will reduce his/her threat exposure to the lowest acceptable level. We do not provide flashy muscle. We do provide expertly trained personnel who are able to acclimate themselves and blend into any environment or setting. We have in-house personnel who review fan mail, video crowds and ensure that “stalkers” and over zealous fans do not become a threat to our client or their loved ones.                                                  …….